​​​​​JUNE 2022 UPDATE!

We can tell from the number of inquiries we've received in the past several weeks that there is a great deal of interest in our event for 2023!  We are truly gratified by this level of interest, possibly the most we've ever had, and want you to know we are striving to be able to offer our tour once again as soon as it is safe and practicable-in 2023!.

And at the present time, those are indeed the key words-safe and practicable.  As we are sure most of you realize, planning, organizing, and managing an event the size of Ride the Fault Line is a complex undertaking that must begin many months prior to the actual date of the event.   Your safety, and that of the residents of the small rural communities we visit, is our overriding concern-and there are many logistical roadblocks that could return quickly if a virus variant appears that gets out of control.  Communities, and those in charge of facilities large enough to serve as overnight accommodations, could cancel our reservations at any time.

Another consideration-we really want to avoid a repeat of the situation that occurred in 2020 when, by the time the virus caused major lockdowns in March, we had to refund the early season registrations of well over 100 cyclists.  This process was no fun-either for us or the prospective participants!

Damage from a December 10, 2021 tornado and associated storms across the southern part of our route has impacted certain sections of the route, with no clarity as to when restoration may be complete.  

Where do we stand now?  Barring further adverse developments with the pandemic, we plan to stage a spectacular "Tenth Anniversary"  Ride the Fault Line in 2023!  We hope you continue to follow our progress toward that goal both here on the website and on our Facebook page, Ride the Fault Line.  We welcome your suggestions on how to make the event the BEST!  We thank you for both your patience and your continued interest, and hope to see you here in the mid-Mississippi valley in 2023!  For further information or to make suggestions, please contact us:

email:     rmc5487@gmail.com

phone:    573.380.7875

Ride through the Mississippi Valley states of TN, MO, IL, KY!

​​MIDWEST CYCLOTOURING bicycle tours presents: Ride the Fault Line


While we've tried to make the information on this site as informative and comprehensive as possible, we probably didn't think of everything!  So feel free to contact us by email or phone if you have a question that's not been answered!

email:     rmc5487@gmail.com

phone:    573.380.7875