​​MIDWEST CYCLOTOURING bicycle tours presents: Ride the Fault Line

Join our bicycle ride through parts of 4 states in 7 days in June 2023!

​​CLUB/GROUP/TEAM PERKS-will be updated in late 2022

For the 2022 Ride the Fault Line tour cycling clubs and organized groups qualify for special pricing and other perks according to the number of cyclists participating!

The discount policy and procedure is as follows:

FIVE or more cyclists, registering as members of a group, each receive a $20 discount off the applicable rate that is valid at the time they register.  The discount is applicable ONLY to participants in Adult (age 18-70) category. Youth age 17 and under may be used to reach the minimum group size, but the discount does not apply to their already significantly discounted rates.

Groups of TEN or more get, in addition to the registration fee discount, a free T-SHIRT for each participant (a $15 per rider value).

Groups of TWENTY or more qualify for, in addition to the registration fee discount, a free JERSEY for each participant (a $65 per rider value).

Here are the steps to follow.  Must be completed BEFORE ANY MEMBER OF THE GROUP REGISTERS.

 1.  First, you must "elect" a group leader who will become the contact that will communicate with us about the group.  

 2.  Second, you must develop a name for your group (Cleveland 8, Team Ibuprofen, Six Bent Riders, Smith Family, etc).

 3.  You must choose whether all members want to register online with payment by credit card, or by mail, with payment by check(s). (Can be one large check for the whole group, or each registrant can include a check).  The online registration company charges a fee for their processing and also passes along the credit card fees.  So sending checks will save you around $30 per person.

 4.  If online:  each member’s name and email address must be emailed to us.  Based on the number of cyclists you say you have in your group, we will email the group leader a special discount code to share with all team members which they must enter during the online registration process to receive the group discount.  For security purposes, the email address entered during registration by each member MUST MATCH the address that was submitted for that rider with the group info.  The discount code will be valid for only the number of cyclists in your group.  The code will be valid for use a minimum of 7 days after you receive it.  Should others want to join after the initial group, the leader will need to contact us with their names so that additional discount codes can be issued and the “validity window” extended.  

 5.  If by mail:  The group leader collects all the completed printed registration forms and payment checks, being certain to note the group name on the top right corner of each form.  These are mailed in one envelope to the address on the form.  Additional later group add-ons must note the group name on their forms, mail them and payment to the address on the form and the group leader must email us to confirm that they are joining.


Contact us at rmc5487@ gmail.com if you have other questions.  We look forward to seeing you in June!