Seven day bike tour through four midwestern states June 2022!

  • December 1, 2020-Updating our past, returning, and future NEW riders on our plans for 2021.   The development of a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is the best news we've had in several months!  Yet the plans for distributing it and timetable for administering it are far from certain at this point.  Much advance planning must go into offering an event like Ride the Fault.  As an example, the cooperation of local communities along the route who supply our overnight accommodations and meals is essential.  At present, many are unable to commit to allowing us to overnight at their facilities in 2021.  So for the safety of everyone involved, we have determined that the best course of action is to hold off on resuming our adventure through the heart of the mid-Mississippi valley for 2021, and use the time to make the event even better for June, 2022!  We plan to post regular updates on our Facebook page, Ride The Fault Line, as well as here on the website.  Questions may be directed to the tour director at   Thanks for your patience!
  • Unique Midwestern bicycle tour adventure through portions of four mid-Mississippi valley states along the New Madrid earthquake fault line. 
  • Visit Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky in just seven days.
  • Ride the Fault is more than a bicycle tour-more than just cycling! 
  • Nature lovers-have lunch at lakeside restaurants at Reelfoot Lake Wildlife Refuge and scan the trees for nesting bald eagles.
  • Paddle a kayak through groves of century old cypress trees!
  • History buffs-learn about the past-visiting strategically important early Civil War sites; and look to the future with a stop at the new Discovery Park science center in Tennessee!
  • Cross the Mississippi River on an authentic riverboat ferry.
  • Beat the heat with a trip to an outdoor water park!
  • Enjoy camping outdoors, indoors, or select a motel from our list.
  • Detailed route markings and color maps of the route, campsites, and communities keep you oriented.
  • Experienced, professional staff, not volunteers, support you with consistently highly rated service.
  • RTFL is the best bicycle tour value in the Midwest!​​

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