"...organization and logistics were outstanding!"

"...good air-conditoned place to spend each night."

"...shower vendor was great and kept the cleanest showers I've ever seen on a bike trip."

"...with the heat the opportunities to swim were an added plus."

"Liked the transportation provided to get around in each overnight town."

"Being able to sample a selection of freshly baked cakes at the Coulson home in Hickman was just the 

'icing on the tour cake', so to speak!"

"Availability of indoor camping made the trip for me."

"Layover days mean less work setting up and tearing down every day".​​

"Travelling bike shop was reassuring although I did not need to use it".


Staff and Support

"The ride had an extremely good "vibe"-staff being very friendly and efficient, with nothing to get stressed about."

"...staff were all very friendly.  The ride seemed very laid back."

"...staff was so approachable, helpful, and accommodating.  Shuttle transportation was very nice."

​"...excellent, informed, visible, helpful in all respects."

​"..sociable, knowledeable, accommodating."

Route marking and maps

"The routes were were chosen with rider safety in mind."

"The road markings were the best I've ever seen, maps of the nightly stops were extremely helpful-"

"Excellent attention to highlighting safety issues with prominent on-road markings.  A+++"

"The BEST course markings I've ever experienced on a tour!  Someone who rides marked the course!."

"...riding 60 miles with basically NO traffic. "


​​"The attention to detail the organizers were able to do was incredible.  Very impressed."

"....clearly organized by bicyclists!"

"Well planned, communicated, and executed!"

​"Tour director obviously knows a lot about how to manage a week-long ride."


Bicycling through 4 states in 1 week June, 2020!

Cycling through the Midwest and Mississippi Valley.

History and tours

"The historical presenters were excellent!" 

"I really enjoyed the historical significance of the routes".

"...took the time to explore the sites and historical offerings-we often pass on that on other rides."

"A good array of cultural and historical stops.  Hickman provided excellent entertainment and tours!"

"Enjoyed seeing beautiful and historic Columbus-Belmont state park and the river overlook."

"Who knew there was a "mini-Epcot" science center in rural Tennessee??"

"....were pleasantly surprised at the points of interest and historical information provided."

"...locals were eager to answer questions about the history of the area and farm practices we saw."


"The meals provided were wonderful, especially the steak and chicken the last night-yum!"

"Rest stops well-supplied with a good assortment of snacks, even using whole-wheat bread instead of white for the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

"The breakfasts provided were tops."

"...and the root beer floats at the rest stops were a surprising and welcome treat!"

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