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For the 2019 Ride the Fault Line tour the meal plan, instead of being included with all registrations, will once again be an optional purchase.  There are a few reasons for this.  

First, in the past, an issue sometimes arose with those cyclists staying in motels where the feeling was that they were paying for breakfast twice-first when they signed up for the event, and again when they reserved their motel or bed/breakfast room which included breakfast.

Second, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, motels are located about a half-hour drive away from the overnight site.  Many cyclists do not want to be shuttled or have to drive back and forth for a second round trip just to eat the meal plan supper/dinner, preferring to eat close to where they are staying.

Third, each year a small number of participants prefer not to eat a large breakfast or have special dietary needs that are difficult or impossible for us to guarantee from our independent breakfast vendors.  These cyclists prefer to bring their own energy bars, etc. for their morning nourishment.

With that said, we STRONGLY encourage the majority of participants to buy the offered meal plan.  It includes breakfast buffets each morning, and evening meals Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  While two of our three overnight communities this year have more than adequate restaurant choices, the third does not.  Hickman, KY has but one restaurant that is open in the evenings with minimal menu choices.  It will be adequate for the few riders mentioned above, but does not have the capacity to serve a hundred or more people in a short period of time.

So consider this information, and then decide whether to purchase the meal plan when you register.  The cost is just $115 for the week and it may be added to your registration either online or by mail.