Bicycle through 4 states in 7 days when you sign up to ride along the New Madrid earthquake fault line.  Join us the week of June 12-18 for Ride the Fault Line-2016! 

Notice to registered riders!  Changes have been required to this year's route and itinerary.  Please check them out on the appropriate pages of this website.  The tour now begins and ends in Sikeston, Missouri.

While Riding the Fault Line, you will:

Travel through the mostly flat river floodplains of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, & Kentucky in 7 days.

the history of the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 and learn from experts about the chances for an "encore".

a former home & studio of the literary giant Ernest Hemingway. 

yourself up close & personal with bald eagles and other wildlife at Reelfoot Lake, a premier national wildlife sanctuary.

the mighty Mississippi River on an authentic riverboat ferry.

yourself in Civil War history & tour antebellum homes, battlefields, and historic sites

-Start and finish your adventure in the same location.  No long bus rides for you, and no loading your bike on a truck for transportation.

NEW this year!

-ROOMIER indoor camping facilities.

-LAYOVER day in Hickman, KY with three optional routes to choose from.  Or just stick around town, enjoy the hospitality and tour the historic buildings, sample some local baking, and vacuum pack your own can of Kentucky Kernel pecans!

Midwest Cyclotouring, LLC reserves the unconditional right to modify the tour route and itinerary,
without prior notice, due to weather, river, road, or other unpredictable conditions.

Ride the Fault Line is presented by Midwest Cyclotouring, LLC
302 Ridge Drive, Sikeston, MO  63801

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