Ride portions of the Mississippi River Trail & Great River Road on our 4 state bike tour!

dates for rtfl-2015 coming November 1!!

Some of our past riders took a few moments to 
describe their Ride the Fault Line experience.....
Come take a trip with us in June, 2015 on our  RIDE THE FAULT LINE seven day bicycle tourTravel through FOUR states here in the central Midwest,  and ride across the Mississippi River on an AUTHENTIC riverboat ferry.  Experience the HISTORY of the great New Madrid EARTHQUAKES of 1812; CIVIL WAR era mansions and battles.  Visit the home and studio of literary giant ERNEST HEMINGWAY, tour Reelfoot Lake, a premiere WILDLIFE sanctuary and refuge, and see the boyhood home of rockabilly musician CARL PERKINS, author and original performer of the 1950's hit song "Blue Suede Shoes".

Offering multiple accommodation options-indoor camping on gym floors or outdoor tent camping, both included with your registration.  For an extra fee, choose tent camping with setup and towel/chair service from our official provider, Padre's Cycle Inn, 

Watch this site for updates to our tour itinerary .

Ride the Fault Line is presented by Midwest Cyclotouring, LLC
302 Ridge Drive, Sikeston, MO  63801
573.380.7875    rmc5487@gmail.com
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